Brenda Nuland

Brenda lives in the American Midwest near a major University.  She loves good coffee, tea served in lovely English teacups, old books, and decorating with vintage thrift store finds. She spends time in the kitchen trying a new recipes, and has considered intervention for her addiction to collecting china.  She enjoys writing about living a life filled with peace and beauty in the midst of frugal circumstances.

Brenda has been married for over thirty years and brings her experiences of raising a daughter (who attended public schools K-college) and her "surprise child" son born twelve years later (who was homeschooled).  Her daughter is now a homeschooling mother to five children and her son is graduating from college and getting married this year.  They are her favorite people on the planet along with her high maintenance Maine Coon cat named Victoria. Brenda also writes at her blog Coffee, Tea, Books and Me