Letter from the Editor {May}

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Letter from the Editor {May}

 My children are laying out blooms across our table today, sorting them into small bouquets to wrap lovingly in  paper cones and deliver to our neighbors.  The delight of fresh flowers is not lost on me, I never tire of them, and May Day after May Day, I still can't help but giggle as we surprise those we love with something beautiful. I get knots in my belly and become a little giddy as we ring the doorbell and prepare to greet our friends with love, with something prepared just for them. For the lonely, the shut-in, the overlooked... it seems almost sacred to be the one to herald the news that the Winter has passed and its time to relish in the bounty and splendor of nature that our Creator has laid before us. 

  In many ways, here at Mom Heart, it feels a little like May Day, everyday. We are so honored to be able to bring 'flowers' to your door, to share hope and encouragement with you, to prepare a place just for you that is full of life and relationship and most of all, God's heart and vision for you as a mom. It is a sheer joy and gift to have you spend your time here and to journey together in this online space, and in a movement of Mom Heart groups in homes and churches throughout the world. 

The Happenings in May at Mom Heart


This month, we are excited to announce the expanded launch of our Groups Page, with its own articles from Mom Heart group mentors and leaders that we pray will help you with leading your group, discipling other moms, and developing your role  and heart as a mother and as a leader.  We will also be adding a groups database so that you can list your Mom Heart group, or find one to plug into in your area. {Are you shouting "Whoot!" as loud as I am ladies?}   

 Our book club of The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson will continue to run every Thursday, with wonderful content for reflection and questions for group discussions, lectures from Sally previously only available through DVD purchase and online comments and opportunities to share what God is doing in your own heart as you study his Word and mission for your life as a mom.


We are so wild about our band of authors, each with a unique passion and personality that they pour out in their writing here and in other spaces where they invest online and in real life. We have cheerleaders and ponderers, poets and conversation starters. Have you noticed that as you have gotten to know them?


This month we have asked each of them to share about what it looks like to intentionally consider Leaving a Legacy. The collection of their words weaves a beautiful tapestry for us to behold that shows a picture of leaving a legacy of faith, righteousness and relationship. I'm giddy like its May Day to deliver their words to your door each day. 

We also want to hear from you!

Would you begin to consider what Legacy looks like in your own life? Look for prompts  about Legacy on our Twitter and Facebook page to talk about with your own Mom Heart groups, discuss in our comments or link up here each Friday with your own blog posts. 

I'm so looking forward to all that you have to share,