Today's Note To Self

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Today's Note To Self

God is present here. {Psalm 46}

I will rest in His presence. 

Be Present.

Following his example, I will create for my children an environment in which they are able to rest and trust my presence.

He is present Peace.

Embrace that peace, and share it with my children.

He is present in Spirit.

Do I believe that in the moments when I feel alone?

His presence is enough.

Do I reflect that truth to my little ones?

I was feeling weary the other day.

A good friend sent me a text message encouraging me to remain steadfast, embrace God's presence, and be present for my children. 

She urged me to persevere and find strength, but not to look for it anywhere else besides Christ who provides it in abundance.

For anyone reading today who is weary, struggling, confused or overwhelmed, I pray the same for you.

Fall back into His arms.

Trust His embrace.

May He grant wisdom and strength.

May the Spirit gently guide and give discernment.

He has entrusted you with your little ones.

He knows them.

He knows you.

Seek Him all day long.

Be joyful because He is with you.

And no matter what you are working through, give thanks, because He is working in you for your good and for His glory.

He is Present.