The Mission of Motherhood Chapter Seven

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The Mission of Motherhood Chapter Seven
The Mission of Motherhood Chapter Seven

A Strong Friend {Part One}

Jesus said something exceptionally beautiful one day to His disciples:

“Greater love has no one than this; that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.  I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” John 15:13-15

And so here again, we have Jesus leading the way for us as we seek to mother our children well. While some want to debate and claim “Your children don’t need you to be their friend; they need you to be their parent,” I think Jesus teaches otherwise. The truth is, it’s possible to do both—even necessary to  do both, and certainly desirable to do both if we intend to follow His example.

As Sally says here in chapter seven:

Because people will last through eternity, relationships have eternal significance. The relationships we make and cultivate and nurture will also sustain us throughout all of life’s seasons. The quality of our relationships help determine the level of friendship we can enjoy, the depth of intimacy we can share, the success of our marriages, our ability to work with and influence other people, and even our ability to relate to God. Often our most basic sense of well-being stems from our connectedness and sense of being unconditionally loved by the significant people in our lives. When that sense of love and connection are missing, depression and insecurity result, and the search begins to find someone to fill in the lonely times.
— Sally Clarkson, Mission of Motherhood

Something to read and ponder:

Ephesians 4:2-3 “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

– Which adjectives here describe the type of love we’re supposed to extend to other believers—and obviously, by extension, to our families? What might that look like, practically, in your home today?

Something to do:

Make a list of specific, extra-special things you could do that would particularly bless each of your children. Make a commitment to choose and do one or more of them in the next few weeks!

To discuss in the comments:

Let’s brainstorm! If you’re anything like me, you feel like you come at this parenting thing sometimes in the dark. I’m just flat not good at coming up with creative ideas. So … Help a girl out! Share the things that come to mind as you ponder this challenge here, so we can all expand our relationship-building toolboxes!

Today's Note To Self

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Today's Note To Self

God is present here. {Psalm 46}

I will rest in His presence. 

Be Present.

Following his example, I will create for my children an environment in which they are able to rest and trust my presence.

He is present Peace.

Embrace that peace, and share it with my children.

He is present in Spirit.

Do I believe that in the moments when I feel alone?

His presence is enough.

Do I reflect that truth to my little ones?

I was feeling weary the other day.

A good friend sent me a text message encouraging me to remain steadfast, embrace God's presence, and be present for my children. 

She urged me to persevere and find strength, but not to look for it anywhere else besides Christ who provides it in abundance.

For anyone reading today who is weary, struggling, confused or overwhelmed, I pray the same for you.

Fall back into His arms.

Trust His embrace.

May He grant wisdom and strength.

May the Spirit gently guide and give discernment.

He has entrusted you with your little ones.

He knows them.

He knows you.

Seek Him all day long.

Be joyful because He is with you.

And no matter what you are working through, give thanks, because He is working in you for your good and for His glory.

He is Present.

Letter from the Editor {May}

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Letter from the Editor {May}

My children are laying out blooms across our table today, sorting them into small bouquets to wrap lovingly in  paper cones and deliver to our neighbors.  The delight of fresh flowers is not lost on me, I never tire of them, and May Day after May Day, I still can't help but giggle as we surprise those we love with something beautiful. I get knots of excitement in my belly as we ring the doorbell and prepare to greet our friends with love, with something prepared just for them. For the lonely, the shut-in, the overlooked... it seems almost sacred to be the one to herald the news that the Winter has passed and its time to relish in the bounty and splendor of nature that our Creator has laid before us. 

 In many ways, here at Mom Heart, it feels a little like May Day, everyday. We are so honored to be able to bring 'flowers' to your door, to share hope and encouragement with you, to prepare a place just for you that is full of life and vision and relationship.....

A Promise to Fear Not

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A Promise to Fear Not

​​I got sucked in today and for a few minutes there, I thought I might drown. Last night, I promised my three little girls that I would watch a movie with them this afternoon. I knew it was going to be rainy. All five boys were out of the house. I had a new embroidery project I was eager to begin. The girls were all excited about this movie and, well, I never watch movies. So I made a promise. I don't make promises lightly and I don't break promises. And those little girls know it.

They wanted to watch "We Bought a Zoo." Sounded like good light-hearted fun to me. We were maybe three minutes into the movie and a I made a lame excuse and left the room. I was choking back tears...

Comfort in the Morning

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Comfort in the Morning

Some days start out just right.

I was awakened by a reaching, hungry baby who snuggled in like a heat-seeking missile for what I think was the fifth time in the previous eight hours. I have often found co-sleeping to be a little like wrestling with a bear every night, as he climbs over me, throws off the covers and occasionally lunges for the edge of the bed, with me in my half-asleep state ever-conscious of his every move and trying to keep him corralled, on the bed, and asleep as much as possible.  

I climbed out of bed cautiously, tiptoed out to the kitchen, and poured myself a cup of coffee and French Vanilla. Weariness had worked its way into my bones, and I sighed as I settled into the chair, where I’d be in quick reach of Mr. Chunky if he were to waken again...

Finding Light

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Finding Light

​My floor is cluttered with remnants of our day as I write. A ballet tutu recently adored during an afternoon of  pirouettes hangs from the chair, a sword lays resting after battle, right smack in the middle of my coffee table and puzzle pieces are strewn all across the dining room. I have scoured our counters and floors again and again today, finding homes for interesting objects, filling our shelves with treasures in small swoops.

Even with more tidying waiting for my hands, I am done...I'm weary and mostly mush, but I'm choosing to stop and just stare at the un-ending scene of it all. Part of my mind never quite settles when there are tasks that lay ready, I get almost itchy with a compulsion to make our space look perfect. It can  take over me and until  I just see one (just one!) clean surface.

Sometimes when I am on my best behavior,  I can make a game out of the tasks that come with the  keeping of a home. Other times (which I think are more often) I remind myself of that awful nurse in The Velveteen Rabbit. You know, the one  who had no love or understanding of the soul and beauty of the nursery? The one who never understood  the real magic that lay behind The Skin Horse, the beloved Rabbit or even the mechanical toys. I always looked on her with such pity as a child. Did she even know she had been this close to something so wonderful and so rare and that she had missed it? How dreary to be that type of grown-up.....