A Journey Like No Other: The Mission of Motherhood

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A Journey Like No Other: The Mission of Motherhood
“What will you do to help this little girl love Me, so righteousness will be passed on to another generation?”

Welcome back to our book study on The Mission of Motherhood! Sally is sharing with us today about her own experiences both as a child and as a new mom, and how the Lord opened her own heart to the calling of motherhood. Many of us have felt the pressure from culture and those around us to do more than “just mother;” to prove ourselves in arenas outside of our homes. In opposition to that comes the tug of a needy child, wanting our attention-- and intention. We pray you will be blessed today and encouraged by Sally’s message, hearing this reminder that choosing to mother our children well and to make that a major priority of our life is a valid, biblical, God-pleasing choice!

Reading Assignment: Finish Chapter One of The Mission of Motherhood.

*We are going to go ahead and do two chapters a month rather than just one, as we think this will work better for everyone! Next week we’ll dig into chapter two.*

To think about and discuss:

Read I Thessalonians 2:7. When Paul wanted to communicate how dearly he loved the people in Thessalonica, he used a picture of motherhood. What is the attitude or the heart of the mother reflected in his example? How does this picture compare to the way you care for your children?

Read Titus 2:4-5. What are the elements of responsibility that the older women are required to teach the younger women? Why would this need to be taught? What does it mean to be a worker at home? In what ways do women who obey these standards keep from disobeying the Word of God?

For all of us to try:

Put pictures of your family in a prominent place, where you can see them during your prayer times. Use these pictures as a joyful reminder as you pray for your family, or as you plan the priorities of your life.

Thank you for joining us today, and please leave your thoughts on this chapter in the comment section below! We are so enjoying hearing from you!