Here We Come Australia!

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Here We Come Australia!
Tara Marsh, Sally and Barb Somervaille

Tara Marsh, Sally and Barb Somervaille

Are there any dreams in your life that burn in your heart? That captivate your imagination? That are from the Lord?

Clay and I dreamed together about how we could reach our world with the message of parents discipling and building a godly generation. We went almost five years without a full salary. I baked and sold homemade cinnamon rolls for some extra income. We all became actors in a local dramatic production that played six months out of the year and we received $800 amongst the six of us. We prayed, dreamed, worked and believed and took a risk and God blessed. And now we have books in six languages, conferences all over the world and three websites and blogs.

We continue to dream how we can bring God’s kingdom principles to bear on our world until we go to be with Jesus.

How about you? Are you walking by faith? Seeking to have an impact? Trust God with the dreams He has put on your heart? So many I see will only attempt something if they can see the outcome and determine the financial security–but God loves to work with those who are depending on Him! That is why I can’t wait to tell you about another dream come true.

We prayed we could help families all over the world. Then wonderful friends in Australia and New Zealand invited us to speak in multiple venues over the two countries on a two week speaking trip. On this trip, I met lovely Barb Somervaille, who became a cherished friend. Fast forward several years and a group of moms wanted me to return to do an Australian Mom Heart Conference. I told them that I would prefer it if they would fly to America to go through our intensive leadership training and go back to Australia and start a Mom Heart Movement.

And so these precious ones returned home, built a blog, and are hosting their first ever national Mum Heart Retreat. So all of you sweet friends from Australia...get the word out!

Here is the scoop: Click on the link to the conference site!


For any Australian mums wishing you could wing your way over to USA for a Mom Heart Conference – we have great news!  We have our first MUM Heart Conference coming up in Queensland in  mid-June. Alas, not with Sally, but certainly inspired by Whole Heart. It is going to be amazing! I am so encouraged after attending Sally’s Intensive in August last year, and looking forward to gathering Australian mums together for our own wonderful conference.

And all of you sweet moms all over the world, what are some of your dreams? How will you trust God to work, through faith, to build those dreams into reality? Today is a good day to seek Him and then step out in faith!