Mom Heart Conferences

One late evening many years ago, I had just taken a last gasp of breath of putting the kids to bed after a very long, tedious day,  and fell into a comfy chair in our living room

“This mothering is the hardest thing I have ever done!” were my words to Clay.

“What would help you?” he asked.

“A lovely, inspiring conference for moms in a hotel, with clean sheets that no one else had slept on; chocolate; inspiring speakers that are filled with grace and not guilt; a lovely luncheon for moms so that they can enjoy their friends and just a weekend away to be filled up with pampering and heart encouragement,” I reflectively answered.

 And so began the seeds of what would become a legacy of Mom’s conferences that we have hosted for 16 years all over the United States. Our mom’s conferences have been a blessing to thousands and thousands of moms for many years. When moms make getting away with friends, the Lord, shared hearts and ideals, the result is that lives are changed and consequently generations are changed for  His glory. 

And so, be sure to check our newsletters and this blog to hear about the closest conferences to you.



Mom Heart Leadership Intensive Training

Discipleship is at the center of Mom Heart Ministries. Our desire is that in our life-time, we can help train, instruct, encourage and prepare other women to become leaders in their own arenas to teach and train moms in their own cities and nations. 

Jesus’ ministry was close and personal. The God of the universe could have reached the hearts of people in any way that he wanted. And yet, he was a real, in-the-flesh person, who laughed and ate and talked late nights and shared life with the men who would become His leaders in bringing his kingdom messages to the whole world.

Two years ago, we decided to host our own “up-close and personal” events for potential leaders in our own home. With friends and leaders in Colorado Springs, we hosted women from all over the world for a special 3 day training. Our desire was to serve them home made meals and provide delectable afternoon tea times where our hospitality as moms could serve them and give them a break from the routine days of their own home. Inspirational speakers to help them deepen in their walk with God, training sessions about how to most effectively start small groups or church ministry to moms as well as messages about how to become more effective communicators in speaking and in online ministries were also discussed. 

We hope to host and train at least 1000 women in our home before we are too old to minister any more. Each summer we have one or two sessions with only 35 women attending, so that we can be more personal and intimate in our relationship with them. I have a team of 9 women who help me with this outreach and we love serving together. 

Information about the Intensives and the dates are sent out each spring and we have an application process that helps us know the women that end up attending. Because the amount of women we can host is so very small, usually the first ones to complete the application process are the ones who secure the place in this special gathering. Because we have fewer women attend and yet have multiple people serving and speaking, the cost is higher than our normal conferences, but we hope that each weekend experience will help equip and inspire and prepare moms to go back into their arenas to spread these messages and to encourage more moms. We want to build and pour into leaders so that their hearts will be filled and ready to give again.