You're A Mom, You're Kind of a Big Deal...

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You're A Mom, You're Kind of a Big Deal...

My Story

I never knew my mom. She was from the Philippines and came to the US as a nurse. She met my dad, they fell in love, got married and a few years later when I was only 9 months old she passed away. I don't have any memories of her and I never knew much about her.

Last year, I had the opportunity to travel with Compassion International to see the work they do on behalf of children in need. It was one of those God things. Because out of all the countries where they work...the country they invited me to travel to? The Philippines.  I'd never been there, I'd never met my family there. I grew up with my blonde, blue eyed dad and his side of the family. I knew nothing about my moms heritage.

I remember walking off the plane in Manila feeling overwhelmed. For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by people who looked like me. I was going see my mother's country... the sights she saw, and through more miraculous circumstances, 18 of her family members were traveling all the way to Manila just to meet me.

As I stood at the airport, waiting for everyone to get their luggage, I couldn't stop the tears ...... there I was, a grown woman, crying....for a mother I never even knew


Don't let anyone ever tell you that motherhood isn't the most powerful thing you can do. I never even knew my mom, how much more of an impact are you going to have in the lives of your children that you love, teach and hold every single day?

Mother's Are Irreplaceable

You see, a mother's space never closes. You could be the CEO of a company, but when you retire, there is someone waiting to take your place. You could win the Nobel Peace Prize, an Academy Award or a Grammy but after a couple years, no one will remember that you won. But a mother? A mother is never forgotten. After 35 years my mother is never forgotten. 

What you do every single day may not win praise or awards, but it will always be remembered. 

Motherhood is powerful


Through Your Child's Eyes

And if you need more proof of the power of your role, I want you to see yourself through the eyes of your child.

To your child you are a superhero - you can get the straw in the Caprisun without squirting juice all over yourself. You can even get those itty bitty flat Lego pieces apart. You are a super hero.

To your child, you are a rockstar - No other song soothes them at night like yours. And when you pick up your child from Sunday school, you have your Taylor Swift moment. You know what I'm talking about. That moment when they see you and their eyes light up. They scream your name and run to you with open arms. You are a rock star.

To your child, you are a supermodel - in your pony tail and your sweats there is no other woman in this world as beautiful as you. They have eyes only for you. You are a supermodel.

You're a mom, you're kind of a big deal.

(So, the next time you have to fill out a form at the bank or doctor's office and you have to put something in that occupation box, I want you to write, "I'm a Mom - I'm kind of a big deal.")

Motherhood is Powerful

I'll never know what its like to have my mom, but every single day I get to try to be the woman I always dreamed she was. 

God chose each of us, just as we are to be the mothers of our children. What a powerful opportunity. Lets give it everything we have.